Windows 8 Pro users can downgrade to Windows 7 or Windows Vista

A new report has revealed that Microsoft is allowing Windows 8 Pro users to downgrade their new PCs to Windows 7 or Windows Vista Business edition, according to the Windows 8 licensing agreement. Unfortunately, users cannot downgrade to Windows XP.

“Instead of using the Windows 8 Pro software, you may use one of the following earlier versions: Windows 7 Professional or Windows Vista Business,” the license agreement for Windows 8 Pro states. In the past with Windows 7 Professional, users could downgrade to Windows XP. But since Windows XP will no longer be supported starting April 2014, Windows 8 Pro users will not have this option. This idea is targeted towards consumers, while enterprise licences are allowed to downgrade from any version of Windows to any previous edition. This whole idea of downgrading became popular with Windows Vista, when many users became frustrated with the operating system’s problems.

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