Windows 8 post-RTM build 9220 spotted in the wild, is this Windows Blue?

An image of a post-rtm build of Windows 8 has been spotted on a popular technology website, sparking speculation on whether it is real, or if it's Windows 8 or Windows Blue.

An image was spotted today on the internet of, what looks like a post-rtm build of Windows 8. It is unknown where it originally came from, but it was recently just posted on the popular beta website BetaArchive sparking controversy. This is the only picture released showing "6.2.9220" but no build string or "timebomb."

Windows 8 post-rtm build 9220 spotted in the wild, is this windows blue? - onmsft. Com - december 24, 2012

Since the release of Windows 8, there hasn't been to much information surrounding the future of Windows. It is unknown whether the picture shows a post-RTM version of Windows 8 or the upcoming update to Windows 8, Windows Blue. For those that didnt know, Windows 8 RTM is build 9200, whereas this is 9220. Please take this information on build 9220 with a grain of salt! Stay tuned for more updates surrounding this and more!

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