Windows 8 overtakes Android in web traffic in just ten days, according to Statcounter

Windows 8 has only been in the market (since its official launch) for only several days, but the operating system has sold four million upgrades in just four days of its launch. Obviously, that number must be a lot higher by now. A new report indicates that Windows 8 has achieved a new feat by overtaking Android in web traffic.

According to data from StatCounter, who aggregates web traffic data, is claiming that Windows 8 has surpassed Android in web traffic in just ten days since the operating system was launched on October 26th. As you can see, Windows 8 had a decent amount of web traffic before its official launch. Even though Android has been in the market for a few years, Windows 8 has been growing at a steady pace. Perhaps Windows 8 will even overtake iOS in web traffic, but only time will tell. Back in April of this year, Gartner suggested that Microsoft would only be in control of 4% of the worldwide tablet market by the end of 2012, being placed in 3rd place right behind Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating system. Now, new data from Gartner suggests that Microsoft’s Windows 8 will control 39% of the business tablet market by the year 2016, and still be in 3rd place. If StatCounter’s data is accurate, Windows 8 is already on a roll and hopefully it continues.

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