Windows 8 Offers Optimized and Re-designed File Conflict Dialog

In the latest Building Windows 8 blog entry by Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, we learn about a new design that will optimize the way we deal with file conflicts during file transfers. Microsoft hopes to make things “fast and fluid” to improve the user experience.

“In Windows 7, there’s a lot of information to aid the choice, and more options about what action to take. For Windows 8, we thought we could improve this even further, so it’s easier for you to make the right decisions more efficiently, and get your file transfer tasks completed faster,” Sinofsky stated.

Microsoft focused on three key concepts when working on the design for the file conflict dialog. First, the dialog needs to get rid of unnecessary labels, such as Date Modified. The dialog also needs to have a better way of presenting explanatory text. FOr example, instead of requiring users to compare file sizes, just show the word “Larger” to make it easier. Lastly, the dialog needs to have smart defaults pre-selected, so the user does not need to get too involved during conflicts.

Microsoft is looking to redesign all around Windows 8 to focus on a more “fast and fluid” design to make things easier for users.

The new dialog will also feature better bulk management as seen in the screenshot below. “The idea of optimizing for the “Replace all” or “Skip all” choice was introduced. Most of the time, you know exactly what you’re copying and why it is conflicting, and you can make a simple choice about what action to take,” Sinofsky stated.

Microsoft has settled on a one-tier approach towards the file conflict dialog. See the screenshot below (click to make larger):

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