Windows 8 now owns 2.3% of Windows traffic on the web in just two months, according to Chitika

Great news for Microsoft. Windows 8 now owns 2.3% of Windows traffic on the internet in just two months of its availability, according to Chitika Insights. This data is as of December 13th, nearly two months after Windows 8 was released. Windows 7 continues to be in the lead claiming 59.5% of all Windows traffic.

We know that Windows 7 had finally beat the decade old Windows XP operating system as the number one in market share, but how well is Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, doing after nearly two months of being in the market? In November, Windows 8 claimed 1.09% of worldwide desktop market share according to Net Applications. Now, Chitika Insights is stating that Windows 8 claims 2.3% of all Windows traffic on the internet as of December 13th. As you can see from the chart below, Windows 8’s traffic peaked in the month of December.

Chitika notes that 48 hours after OSX Mountain Lion was released, it claimed 3.2% of all Mac web usage, but we digress. Just note that Chitika Insights used a sample of over hundreds of millions of Windows impressions from their advertising network in the US and Canada and data was extracted from October 15th to December 13th.

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