Windows 8 Is Not Your Idea

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Everyone remembers those “Windows 7 – It’s Your Idea” TV commercials that Microsoft played which was supposed to feature non-paid non-actors claiming that Windows 7 was somehow, “their idea.” Well, one daring Windows fan decided to put this to the test for Windows 8. The results? Windows 8 is not your idea!

Chris Carlucci, a former IT Manager, decided to email Microsoft and offer a suggestion on the company’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8. Carlucci thought that he would be able to squeeze in a few ideas, since Microsoft has been promoting the commercials about Windows 7 being “my idea.” This was the reply he got from Microsoft:

I understand you would like to submit suggestion for the next generation of Windows. I will be glad to assist you with the information. Chris, I would like to inform you that, while Microsoft does accept suggestions for existing products and services, we do not accept suggestions for new products, technologies, processes.

We hope that you will understand our intention to avoid any potential misunderstandings or disputes that may arise from submissions of information not related to current Microsoft products. Thus, we are returning your information without review.

Microsoft does value your feedback. We would like to encourage you to continue to send us suggestions on the products and services that you use today.

Wow. Carlucci’s reply to his? “Talk about making me speechless.”

“While the company does insist that Windows 7 was, indeed, created with the helpful suggestions of customers, I was unable to get a statement from anyone at Microsoft regarding this specific correspondence. Should I get one, I will happily update,” said Chris Matyszczyk after he found out about Microsoft’s reply.

So all those customers (or actors?) who said that Windows 7 was their idea, were really lying to us? Ok, I will stop being sarcastic here and mention that this does not put Microsoft in a good light. Perhaps Microsoft should open up the phone and email lines and actually allow customers to give some feedback about the operating system that they will be purchasing and using on a daily basis.

For those who are not familiar with the Windows 7 – My Idea advertisements, here is one of the commercials:

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