Windows 8 is more secure than any third party antivirus software, claims new report

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Well, this is rather contradicting. It was only a week ago that Microsoft's Windows Security Essentials was failing a bunch of security tests, but it seems today a new report is claiming that the antivirus software built into Windows 8 is actually fantastic.

Windows 8 Security

In a yearly software test by Which? (a company who tests products), Windows 8 has topped the table and is the most secure, even without third party antivirus software. This may come as a shock to some as it wasn't long ago that people were bashing the OS for having a terrible built in antivirus.

"The security software built into Windows 8 has the right mix of keeping your computer safe from digital attacks ... It has great protection against malware, even blocking the download of malware in a zipped file. Many other packages don’t even look into zip files. Other standout features include being integrated with Outlook 2013 and auto-scanning when you insert a USB stick. It also has a strong two-way firewall that lets you set different levels of security for different scenarios, eg in a café vs at home. All of this is packaged together as part of the Windows 8 operating system," claimed the report.

So what do you think, is Which? correct in naming Windows 8 the best when it comes to antivirus protection, or are you going to stick with your third party software?

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