Windows 8: Microsoft running Build 8059 in recent demo

Microsoft recently demonstrated its new Ribbon-based Windows Explorer user interface in Windows 8. In a video showcasing Microsoft’s work on Windows Explorer, we catch a glimpse of what build Microsoft used during the making of the video.

From what winrumors reports, during the video demonstration of the new Windows 8 Ribbon-based Windows Explorer UI, we catch a glimpse of build 8059.

The build number in the video is 8059.winmain.110729-1857. From the build string, we see that it was compiled on July 29th. Build 8063, which we reported on, was compiled August 4rd.

You can catch the build string on the 3:16 mark:

Note how the build string has “Windows Developer Preview” above it. We already know that Microsoft is working on a developer preview build for the Build Developers Conference. Will we be seeing a similar build in September?

Anyone excited about the Build Developers Conference? It’s right around the corner! If you are unable to attend, Microsoft will make available the keynotes online. Build begins on September 13th.

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