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Windows 8 Metro apps are fast and fluid thanks to asynchronous programming

In a new Windows 8 app developer blog post, Microsoft touches on the topic of asynchronous programming and why this type of programming is responsible for creating fast and fluid Metro-styled apps for Windows 8.

“How many times have you been using a Windows app that stops responding, and you are presented with a greyed version of the app and the spinning donut? Without fail, it always seems to come at the worst possible time. Worse yet, you might end up losing a lot of hard work when this happens,” Microsoft mentions in the blog post.

Microsoft explains this standard application behavior as the result of synchronous programming. The application is simply waiting for something else to finish, that’s why it hangs.

The company believes that creating fast and fluid apps for Windows 8 is only possible if the app does not spend time waiting for the outside environment. Since modern apps connect to social websites, store data in the cloud, work with files on the hard drive, etc., we need asynchronous programming to prevent the modern app from hanging.

“We want your customers to love your Windows 8 apps. We want those apps to start alive with activity, and remain alive with activity. And we want you to more easily create those apps. We want you to be able to easily connect to social websites, store data in the cloud, work with files on the hard disk, communicate with other gadgets and devices, etc., while providing your customers with a great user experience,” Microsoft adds.

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