Windows 8 makes IE10 ‘Do Not Track’ a default feature, but you can change it

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In an official blog post, Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 will turn on by default the Do Not Track setting in Internet Explorer 10. But for those who do not want their privacy protected, you can easily disable this feature during the installation of Windows 8.

Windows 8 makes IE10 'Do Not Track' a default feature, but you can change it - - August 8, 2012

“With Windows 8’s recent release to manufacturing, we know many people are interested in how customers will discover Do Not Track (DNT) in Internet Explorer 10. DNT will be enabled in the ‘Express Settings’ portion of the Windows 8 set-up experience. There, customers will also be given a ‘Customize’ option, allowing them to easily switch DNT ‘off’ if they’d like,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. According to Microsoft, privacy is a big concern to company. Microsoft went ahead an enabled this feature by default thanks to consumer research that confirmed strong support for the company’s consumer-privacy-first approach to the Do Not Track feature. So when you install Windows 8 and choose the ‘Express Settings’ during setup, rest assured, Microsoft will enable Do Not Track for you. However, if you want the option to choose, simply select ‘Customize’ during the Windows 8 setup.

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