Windows 8 makes consumer engagement easier, demoed via health care app

Inpatient Consumer Engagement demo app

Microsoft has been touting Windows 8 as an operating system that 'puts people at the center' ever since Windows 8 was released back in October of 2012. In a new blog post, Microsoft showcases how Windows 8 can be used in the healthcare sector.

In an official Microsoft In Health blog post, the software giant explores how healthcare can benefit from Windows 8 and how patients can stay on top of things with a modern app. "Patients who have confidence in their care team and are given more information during their hospital visit, particularly information about what to expect next, rated their hospital experience significantly more positively than those who didn't," Microsoft explained.

With the Inpatient Consumer Engagement demo app, patients can be introduced to their care team, even allowing them to learn more about the care team's role and background. Patients can also learn about their injuries and see when their next procedure will take place. Patients can even see annotated images, videos, and descriptions of upcoming procedures.

Microsoft continues to remind everyone that Windows 8 is a modern 'put people at the center' platform that can enable developers to build touch-friendly apps. These apps can ultimately make consumer engagement easier than ever. In this healthcare example, Windows 8 can make things much more personal and motivating.

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