Windows 8 Logon shown in leaked video

A video was leaked today giving us a better glimpse of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 8. The video showcases a new logon screen and logon screen keyboard as well as an updated system tray. There are also screenshots that showcase a quick access menu and Metro inspired Aero-lite buttons.

As winfuture reports, the video gives us an idea of what the new logon screen will look like. The login screen is Metro-inspired and showcases the date, day of the week, and a power management icon. For those wondering, in this video, Windows 8 is at Milestone 3 and build number 7955.

One interesting new feature that we have seen in recent leaked screenshots is the ability to browse frequently used functions with a click of an icon located on the taskbar right next to the system clock. For example, the user can quickly log off or switch users in an instant.

In another screenshot of build 7955, we see the Metro-UI look and feel. Microsoft plans on implementing its Metro-UI, typography-based design language, into Windows 8 to make it cleaner and easier to use. In this screenshot, we see that the minimize, maximize, and close buttons are modified to support the Metro look and should be in the Aero-lite theme.

Microsoft, still being very secretive, has begun to distribute these early copies of Windows 8 to OEMs though its Connect program. Stay tuned as we keep you posted on any late breaking Windows 8 news. For up-to-date news on Windows 8, you can check out our Windows 8 page.

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