Windows 8 to launch in October 2012?

A new statement is suggesting that Microsoft are planning to release their next operating system, Windows 8 in October of this year. Releasing the OS in October seems like a smart move for Microsoft, since it’s similar to the OS’s predecessors.

Pocket-Lint is reporting that Microsoft could be readying Windows 8 for an October 2012 launch. Janelle Poole, director of public relations of the Windows Business Group, is quoted saying:

“We haven’t talked about the release date and we generally don’t. We are talking milestone to milestone, so for us right now we’re talking about the next milestone being the consumer preview happening in late February.” The then continues, “One of the things that I think is a good guideline though is we’ve always said that Windows releases come round about every three years and this year will be three years in October since we launched Windows 7. So I think that’s a good guideline to consider.”

So, according to what Poole was saying, the guideline for a Windows 8 release is somewhat similar to what Windows 7 followed, but anything can change at anytime.

Remember, this is a rumour and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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