Windows 8: It’s great, but I’m moving back to Windows 7 (editorial)

I love Windows 8, I’ve been using it non-stop since it first leaked back in April of 2011, I’ve noticed every change Windows 8 has been through, I witnessed the demise of the Start Menu, the creation of the new Start Screen and more. So why did I go back to Windows 7?

Windows 8 is fantastic, I’ve used it on all my machines, that being laptops and gaming PC’s. I can say Microsoft have done an amazing job with Windows 8, especially with support for touch hardware.

As I’ve been using Windows 8 for over a year now, and using the RTM since August, I’ve had time to think about Windows 8, and my conclusion; going back to Windows 7 would be better for me and my system.

I know that sounds crazy, especially after I praised Windows 8 for being amazing, and it is. But I have no use for most of Windows 8 features, I’m about to dive deeper into this problem.

When I installed Windows 8 for the first time, I took a look at all the Metro apps, and then jumped straight into the desktop, only rarely seeing the Start Screen as I had all what I needed right on the desktop. The Metro (modern?) apps are no use to me, I don’t need an installed app to check the weather, I have Google for that.

Even useful apps on the store weren’t for my liking, because the functionality of them apps could all be found as a desktop alternative, such as MetroTwit, or Xbox LIVE, which has Steam as an alternative.

The only apps I actually used occasionally was the Mail app and maybe PC settings, but as I said, I could do most of what I wanted without ever seeing the Start Screen.

The problem is that Windows 8 apps aren’t unique, sure the UI is, but that’s it. The functionality of these apps are not, I can get desktop apps to do the same + more.

Sure, Windows 8 introduces a lot of new features under the hood, such as Storage Spaces, Hybrid Boot and more, and while I do miss these features, it’s nothing I can’t live without.

I’m not moving away from Windows 8 forever, oh no. I’m ready to jump back on it the second Microsoft fine tune the OS, which I expect they’ll do after launch. I have my pre-order at my disposal, so the second I’m ready I can jump straight back on the Windows 8 bandwagon, and I can’t wait for it.

I have plans on purchasing a Windows RT tablet, which alone should tell you how much faith I have in Windows 8, as do Microsoft.

So, I jumped away from Windows 8 because its apps are useless to “me”. I’m sure they could be useful for someone else, but they just aren’t for my taste.

If you noticed, I didn’t point out the bad things about Windows 8 in this post, and that’s because there isn’t any bad things, Windows 8 is Windows 7 with BETTER features, so it can only get better right?

Windows 8 launches in just under 2 weeks, and it appears Microsoft have high hopes for its launch, especially with Surface launching on the same day.

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