Windows 8 is innovative and sometimes puzzling, claims Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Microsoft's co-founder, Paul Allen, has just put up his very own review on the company's Windows 8 operating system and so far, he likes it. Paul Allen does think that Windows 8 is bold and innovative, however, he does find Windows 8 to be a bit puzzling at times.

Windows 8 is innovative and sometimes puzzling, claims microsoft co-founder paul allen - onmsft. Com - october 2, 2012

"Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Windows 8. However, there are a number of things introduced to Windows by the tablet aspect of the bimodal user experience that I found puzzling, especially for a traditional desktop user like myself," Allen states in his review. Allen sees a problem when using multi-monitors and having the inability to persistently display the Start screen. "I'd like to be able to leave the Start screen up on my primary monitor for use as a dashboard of sorts. But whenever I click a monitor that displays the desktop, the Start screen disappears. Perhaps this should be an option to allow the Start screen to persistently remain on one monitor," Allen adds. Allen also finds it hard to position your pointer in the right corner of the screen to show the Charms bar, when you have another monitor to the right. In some instances, Windows 8 style and traditional desktop instances of the same application can be run simultaneously and sometimes these apps will switch unexpectedly between modes. Allen also sees an issue with the tiles in the Start Screen only being arranged in a single flat scrollable layer, which results in lots of scrolling to find the tile needed. Allen also finds it difficult to scroll in Desktop view on a tablet. Last but not least, Allen thinks Microsoft should have added a clock to the Start Screen. Aside from all this, Allen still thinks Windows 8 is the way to go. "Touch seems a natural progression in the evolution of operating systems, and I'm confident that Windows 8 offers the best of legacy Windows features with an eye toward a very promising future," Allen concludes.

You can read the entire review here.

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