Windows 8 to have changeable Start Screen background

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Nov 12th, 2011 inNews

It’s been pretty quiet in the Windows 8 front since the developer preview build was released by Microsoft not that long ago. But today we get to see a quick little peak at a new feature that the company is adding to the operating system. The ability to adjust the Start Screen background.

Based on the screenshot from, we see that there are some new customization features that allow a user to adjust the background of the Start Screen in Windows 8. Users can choose a background or a background color. This feature is still being worked on by Microsoft, so expect to see more customization options.

This feature is not available in the Developer Preview build of Windows 8 and has been a highly sought-after feature.

We learned not that long ago that the latest known build number of Windows 8 is 8141.0.winmain.111021 and was compiled on the 21st October 2011. On top of that, 8141 includes Windows Media Center, a feature that was not seen in previous builds.

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