Windows 8 Enterprise x64 leaks onto the web

It seems as if a leakathon is going on right now, as our third Windows 8 leak has appeared online. This time, it’s the standard Enterprise build, which means it includes Windows Media Player and media features, it’s also a full ISO. Apart from that, this leak is exactly the same as the previous Enterprise leak.

The ISO details are as follows:

BUILD: 6.2.9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247
FILE: 9200.16384.120725-1247_x64frev_Enterprise_VL_HRM_CENA_X64FREV_EN-US_DVD.iso
SIZE: 3,490,912,256 byte
SHA-1: 73DF20A98D8CDF52E70FBFFECBEBA63F2A242322
MD5: 73CE7A432BA94AFC2C7A4F05B507D8F1

This leak includes an untouched ISO, which will make it far more easier to install and run on a system, as you can just burn the file to a DVD. Unlike the other leak, which required certain tasks and hacks to get it working.

As per usual, we will not be giving out links for this download.

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