Windows 8 Developer Preview available tonight at 8PM PDT

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Sep 13th, 2011 inNews

BUILD is live and Microsoft are talking about their new operating system, Windows 8. They have announced many new features and the best bit yet, it will be available today!

Microsoft have announced that they are releasing a developer preview of Windows 8 at 8PM PDT tonight! The operating system will be available in 32-bit and 64-bit.

According the the official Building Windows 8 blog, you will not be able to upgrade an existing Windows 7 install to a Windows 8 Pre-release.

It is currently unknown on what build the operating system is at, it has been rumoured that this release is either build 8100 or 8102.

The build will be available with or without developer tools, and is available in all languages. Microsoft has demoed the new developer platform to build Metro and Windows Phone 7 apps directly from your PC.

“Starting at 8PM today, Seattle time, you can download all of the code that attendees at BUILD received. This includes 32 or 64 bit x86 builds, with or without development tools. The ISOs are linked to from You download with a Windows Live ID (which you might want to use to test out some of the new roaming features),” Microsoft stated.

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