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If you are like me, you have an HTPC with Windows 8. I am using Flirc and have my TV’s remotly programmed with various key combinations for XBMC. But this is not without its failings. Most of the keys are simply unintuitive and you will not know them until you memorize them. Well, no longer do you even need the remote!

Windows 8 Controller is exactly what it sounds like. It is an app that you can use on your phone to control your Windows 8 machine: swipes, minimize, close, whatever; it does it. Currently it is only available for Android and Windows Phone, but an iOS app is on the way per a Very Soon tile on the downloads page. Some of the functionality it offers, such as a page with a Start shortcut and Charms search shortcut, do not work or if they work, it is only working on a Windows phone. The additional items for controlling a browser (Firefox or IE) and Windows Media Player and a few other applications, work great.

To use the app, download the Server app to your Windows 8 HTPC and run it. Then on your Android device or Windows Phone, visit the Google Play store or the Windows Marketplace and download the app. Once it’s installed and running, you can automatically search for the HTPC on the network or you can plug in the details of your HTPC’s IP address and blammo! You are controlling your Windows 8 machine with your phone. And yes, it is awesome. Though I do not have an Windows phone, I do have my daughter’s Fuhu Nabi and my father-in-law’s old Droid X, which he donated to me and this app works marvelously.

Here is a video of it in action provided by the author:

Give it shot if you have a Windows 8 machine and you want to control your TV with it. The cost for the app is $1.93 on Android and $1.99 on Windows Phone and is well worth it. There is a Lite version for Android and you have the option to Try it for Windows Phone so you do not have to purchase it if you want to test it first.

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