Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business released

Just hours before the release of the highly anticipated Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft has made available a document that details new and improved features in Windows 8 including AppLocker, BitLocker, Windows To Go, measured boot, and Client Hyper-V.

“The Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business provides a detailed look at the many new and improved features in Windows 8. The guide is designed as an accurate source of information that can help businesses understand how Windows 8 enables users to be ready and productive practically anywhere, allows for a personalized user experience, and provides IT with more secure, easy-to-manage intelligent infrastructure,” Microsoft states.

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will help businesses unleash the full power of their people while meeting modern users’ expectations of technology. “With seamless connections to people and information, full-screen immersive apps, and built-in malware resistance, strong authentication, and data encryption, Windows 8 provides a great user experience along with a more secure and manageable platform.”

Windows 8 will feature a boot process that is signed and measured, helping to protect the PC from malware or viruses. Windows 8 will also conduct measurements during the boot process to ensure a safe boot process beyond Secure Boot. Windows 8 will also feature BitLocker encryption as well as a feature called AppLocker that will help mitigate attacks by restricting files to certain users or groups.

Windows 8 will also feature Windows to Go which allows for a full corporate copy of Windows to run on a USB storage device, along with user’s business apps, data, and settings.

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