Windows 8 Consumer Preview to launch February 29th at mobile conference

Zac Bowden

Microsoft has today revealed a release date for the Consumer Preview of the company’s next operating system. Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be launching on the 29th of February, 2012, which is exactly 3 weeks from now. The strange thing? The company plans to do this at a mobile conference.

According to a new report, Microsoft has today sent out special press invitations for the launch of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview later this month. The consumer preview will be launching on February 29, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

It is strange for the company to launch the Consumer Preview build of their next version of Windows at a mobile conference, but this also makes sense when you really think about it. Since Windows 8 is aimed at Tablets, launching the Consumer Preview at a mobile conference seems like a good move.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is just 3 weeks away, and Microsoft is finishing up on a few bugs and glitches. The company is expected to launch the Consumer Preview without a Start button, as well as improved Start Screen and touch gestures.