Windows 8 Consumer Preview to debut new Windows logo? (rumor)

A new report suggests that Microsoft is re-branding the popular Windows logo. While this is a huge rumor and has yet to be proven, this would be a major change. Lets entertain this for a moment and take a look at screenshots that depict the new logo.

The guys over at CNBeta are reporting that Microsoft is debuting a new Windows logo in the upcoming Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The new logo can be seen in the charms bar as well as a new branding to the boot logo.

However, this could simply be a rendering of an idea of what the logo should be, and thus can be deemed fake. However, lets entertain this for a moment. Would this be a smart move on Microsoft’s part to change something that has been there for so long? You be the judge.

*Update* As expected, these images were proven to be fake.

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