Windows 8 Consumer Preview to be build 8250? (rumor)

According to a rumor from a popular Chinese website, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build will be branded as build 8250, but of course, we must take this rumor with a grain of salt! For those who actually follow the build numbers, this is an interesting rumor.

Win8China has stated that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s final build number will be “locked in” at 8250. It was previously speculated that Windows 8’s Consumer Preview would be build 8200 because of its “zero milestone” but according to the pictures recently released, that doesn’t hold up. Of course, we should take this with a grain of salt, as with any rumor.

With the Consumer Preview inching closer, more and more information about it is coming forward. We know that the Consumer Preview is expected to be revealed and showcased at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona on February 29th.

Over the past week, screenshots and more screenshots were released on the internet, whether they be pictures of the operating system itself by sources, a Media Center photo from Microsoft’s twitter, backgrounds, and more, we seem to be getting a bigger picture on the Consumer Preview (beta). Microsoft is keeping it as private as can be (remember when it was so hush-hush?), with no leaks to be found. Microsoft is gearing up for its most anticipated beta of the year.

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