Windows 8 Cloud features and "Hybrid Boot" revealed

Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 8, is slowly being detailed as more and more information surfaces. We have already seen numerous leaked screenshots and details that reveal Microsoft's hard work on Windows 8. This time, we get more information on Windows 8's Cloud features and "Hybrid Boot" feature.

As Windows8 Italia reports, Windows 8 will feature several Cloud based features such as "Mobile Broadband Experience Account" which deals with logging in via the cloud and possibly from a third party provider. "File Server Resource Manager" will deal with synchronizing files and folders between the local computer and a Cloud service. This might be based on third party providers and will vary between features, limitations of space, and cost. "Setting Synchronization" will allow a user to synchronize the settings of the Windows 8 operating system and applications between your computer and devices. "Streaming Manager" seems to be an interesting feature as it will allow users to run an application that has yet to be fully downloaded.

Another neat feature we will see in Windows 8 is "Hybrid Boot." This feature is basically a new form of hibernation. It allows the computer to restart quickly is approximately 20 seconds. In the screenshot, we can see that if enabled, we can reduce startup times. However, we can always revert back to the classic shutdown mode.

Windows 8 Cloud features and "Hybrid Boot" revealed - - April 17, 2011

Microsoft has begun to distribute these early copies of Windows 8 to OEMs though its Connect program. Stay tuned as we keep you posted on any late breaking Windows 8 news. For up-to-date news on Windows 8, you can check out our Windows 8 page.

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