Windows 8 climbs to 4.27% market share as of May 2013, up by 0.45%

Windows 8

May 2013 has come to a close and its time to take a look at how well Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is doing in terms of market share. According to data from NetApplications, Windows 8 holds a 4.27% market share as of May 2013, up by 0.45% compared to the previous month.

As of April 2013, Windows 8 held 3.82% of the Windows market share in the desktop operating system arena, which was already up by 0.65% compared to March of 2013. Now, as we can see, Windows 8 has increased in market share yet again for the month of May 2013.

Windows 7, on the other hand, is still the top Windows operating system as of May 2013 with a 44.85% market share, actually up by 0.13% compared to the previous month. Windows XP holds a 37.74% market share while Windows Vista holds a 4.51% market share, barely edging out Windows 8.

Windows 8 is catching up pretty quickly to Windows Vista in terms of market share, which is great news for the newest operating system from Microsoft. We expect Windows 8 to overtake Windows Vista within the next two months, especially since the Windows 8.1 update preview is due in a few weeks.

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