Windows 8 climbs to 3.82% market share as of April 2013, up by 0.65%

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Windows 8 April 2013 Market Share

April 2013 has come to a close and its time to take a look at how well Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is doing in terms of market share. According to data from NetApplications, Windows 8 holds a 3.82% market share in the desktop operating system arena as of April 2013, up by 0.65% compared to March of 2013.

The data also shows that Windows 7 remains at the top spot with a 44.72% market share, down from 44.73% the previous month. Windows XP remains in the second place spot with a 38.31% market share, down from 38.73%. Windows Vista holds a 4.75% market share, down from 4.99% the previous month.

Windows 8 RT Touch actually dropped from 0.02% market share to 0% share, while Windows 8 Touch remained at 0.02%. We are not sure what NetApplications considers a “Windows 8 RT Touch” device. Perhaps the Surface RT falls in this category. Whatever it is, the market share isn’t all that great.

As you can see, all previous editions of Windows have dropped in market share, except for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. This is obviously great news for the company and we expect this market share percentage to grow over time.

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