Windows 8 climbs to 2.26% market share as of January 2013, up by 0.54%

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Windows 8 market share January 2013

The first month of the new year has come to a close and now it begs the question, how well did Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system do for the month of January? According to new data from Netapplications, Windows 8 has attained a 2.26% operating system market share, which is up by .54% compared to data from December 2012.

Windows 7 is still the top operating system with a market share of 44.48% while Windows XP comes in second place with a market share of 39.51%. Windows 8 has a 2.26% market share, while barely beating out Mac OSX 10.6 which is at a 2% share. OSX 10.8 is still more popular than Windows 8 with a market share of 2.44%. Just last month, Windows 8 claimed 1.72% of the worldwide desktop market share, so it is nice to see the operating system grow in just one month.

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