Windows 8 build 9385 features the ability to display an app as an alarm on the Lock screen

Windows 8 build 9385

It has been an interesting month to say the least. We have seen a few leaks of Windows Blue (now known as Windows 8.1) and as of today, build 9385 is the rumored build that is expected to leak soon.

But before this build even leaked, we catch our first glimpse of a feature-change in Windows 8.1 thanks to one source. Kiosk mode is now called 'Assigned Access.' Assigned Access allows you to "choose an existing standard account to have access to only one app that you choose." In build 9385, we get directions on how to sign out of Assigned Access, which requires you to tap the Windows key five times.

Another feature was revealed prior to any leak of this build and it involves displaying an app as an alarm on the lockscreen. What exactly could this be? Microsoft may be allowing third-party app developers to utilize this area to display their own alarms and notifications from their apps. (see screenshot below)

Keep in mind that features can change and even be removed as development progresses. Case in point, the renaming of Kiosk mode to Assigned Access. Microsoft is expected to unveil a preview build of Windows 8.1 during Build 2013 this coming June.

Windows 8 build 9385

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