Windows 8 Consumer Preview build 8220 wallpapers available for download

The wallpapers, reported to be in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build 8220, have been leaked to a photo sharing website a few hours ago. The photos include some already-seen wallpapers as well as two dual-screen images.

7 wallpapers seen in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build 8220 were leaked today for your downloading pleasure. These are just a few of the wallpapers that will be seen in Windows 8. Two out of seven of the images are dual-screen images which can spread across two screens. One depicts a close up of clovers, and another of flower petals. This is typical of Microsoft by using images of nature, for example “Bliss” in Windows XP, and the Longhorn fields in Longhorn/Vista/7. The images can be as seen below and downloaded in a larger size here.

These images come after a string of screenshot leaks earlier today which can be seen here and here.

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