Windows 8: Build 8042 and More

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As Microsoft continues to keep quiet, we learn more and more about the company’s next operating system via leaked information and screenshots. Last time, we talked about Windows 8 build 8030. This time, lets see whats been going on inside Microsoft as of late.

Ok, lets dig right into this. The latest internal build as of this post is 8042.0.110707-1940. This is a Milestone 3 build and was compiled on July 7th.

From what we reported last time, we were seeing incomplete and untested code due to problems that were coming up with the new user interface. Applications and features that worked in the past were having and causing UI issues. What we know now is that many of the new features may still seem broken, but in reality, have yet to be updated with the rewritten code. That code will get plugged into a winmain build eventually. Work is being done to ensure the promised new UI is fully functional. In fact, bugs are being fixed at an exponential rate. This is a good thing, obviously. So things are indeed coming along.

Rumors were circulating the internet about a possible build being released at Microsoft’s upcoming Worldwide Partner Conference on Monday July 11. Microsoft is working on having something ready in time for it’s BUILD Developer conference (September 13th to 16th), and no word on a potential build being officially released any time soon. But never say never (not a Bieber reference, sorry).

Over a year ago, Windows Live became a part of the larger Windows organization. This union reflects the online and cloud nature of Windows 8. A ton of new * services are being worked on and will be tightly integrated with Windows 8. At the moment, Windows 8 and Windows Live are not synchronized in terms of development. Windows Live is currently in a Milestone 2 coding phase, with Milestone 1 bits currently being deployed into Windows 8. Don’t expect Microsoft to re-invent the wheel when it comes to this, as the company is simply leveraging the codebase of Windows Live to make things work in Windows 8. We can safely assume that we can hear more about Windows 8’s cloud features during the Worldwide Partner Conference next week as well as during the BUILD conference.

We know that the latest leaked build of Windows 8 is 7989 and features a new wallpaper and a new boot-up screen as well as other features that are being discovered by eager testers. No word yet on a future leak.

Internally, Microsoft employees are excited and happy to be using Windows 8. In fact, many of them are using Windows 8 as their primary operating system.

Stay tuned as we dig deeper and learn more about Windows 8. To catch up on all Windows 8 news, you can follow us on our Windows 8 page.

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