New Windows 8 beta setup pictures surface showing new changes made for the beta

New images have surfaced the web showing some of the new changes made to the Windows 8 setup, such as the product key entry, personalization settings, built in keyboard, and theme color picker.

A popular source on Windows 8 information, Win8China has leaked images that show the Windows 8 version of its boot-able installation process and how it has changed. It still has that Windows 7 look and feel, but there are some notable changes.

When installing Windows 8, you must now enter the product key before it is installed, almost like the way you would install Vista. Windows 7 had the option of entering the product key after the installation. In order to enter the product key you’d need a keyboard. But what if you don’t have a keyboard since you’re using a tablet? You have the touchscreen keyboard, which must mean that it has generic touchscreen drivers included on the disk. Windows 8 was designed for tablets wasn’t it?

The type of installations you can choose now are clearly defined, asking you if you want to “Keep Windows settings, personal files, and apps” or “Keep nothing” compared to Windows 7’s “Upgrade” and “Custom.” After the installation is complete, out of 9 colors, you can choose your start screen background. When you are done you just type in your account information (username, password, etc.) and then you are on your way.

Windows 8 Beta will contain the publicly released version of Windows Store, Windows Media Center, Windows To Go, Internet Explorer 10, and .NET 3.5 are set to define Windows 8’s reputation when it is released. Let’s hope Microsoft makes it a good one.

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