New report suggests that Windows 8 beta has yet to be signed off

Today, new information is suggesting that the Windows 8 beta has not yet been signed off, which flies directly in the face of other statements suggesting that build 8175 was the sign off build.

The news comes from, which is known for recent leaked Windows 8 screenshots and information. The post reveals some of the dates on the Windows 8 development roadmap.

* From Jan 8th to Jan 21st is the pre-beta.

* 23rd January, Windows 8 will enter Beta Escrow.

* From 23rd to 28th, testers will vote for the final Beta build and then sign off the Beta.

* 30th, the Beta will be showed during an internal preview.

Microsoft is reportedly working on compiling the beta at build 8200.

So, it looks like January is a busy month for Microsoft, with the compiling and testing of the beta, the company are fast at work on delivering a beta in February this year.

Of course, this hasn't been confirmed so treat this with a grain of salt.

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