New rumor suggests Windows 8 has entered Beta Escrow

A new rumor surfaced today regarding Windows 8 which states that two builds of Windows 8 were compiled today in order to reach the beta build by the 30th of this month. Of course, this is a rumor, but lets entertain this possibility for a second.

Information has been revealed on Twitter a short time ago about Microsoft’s preparations for the upcoming Windows 8 Beta or “Consumer Preview” as its being called. The post states that build 8191 and 8192 have been compiled today. Prior to this, earlier in the day, Canouna posted that 8189 was the last “pre-beta” build created and that Windows 8 has entered beta escrow.

If the “logic” is correct, Microsoft likes to release betas with zeroes at the end. It seems that this rush of work comes after we learned that they need to compile and choose the beta on January 30th, in four days. Microsoft has made the pace of compiling from about 1-2 a day to about 3-4, because they don’t compile on the weekends. On the 30th, the company will sit and vote which “8200” build from a certain branch will be crowned as the beta. Let’s hope Microsoft doesn’t rush this too much. Microsoft plans on releasing the beta or “Consumer Preview” in late February. This week is the week that they fix bugs in the build and add updates and such. Now all we must do is wait and look for a possibility of a leak. The beta of Windows 7 was leaked to the web back in 2008.

Of course, treat these findings as a rumor. More on this as it develops.

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