Windows 8 to be the 'best Windows graphics platform yet' according to Microsoft

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In a new Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft goes over the new Windows 8 graphics platform and details several of the new graphics related features of the operating system. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will be the 'best Windows graphics platform yet.'

Windows 8 to be the 'best windows graphics platform yet' according to microsoft - onmsft. Com - july 24, 2012

"From new ways to measure our progress, to optimizations for mainstream uses of our graphics platform, and new hardware features, we’ve created the best Windows graphics platform yet. And of course, we continue to push the envelope on immersive, three-dimensional gaming, with great performance and new features such as stereoscopic 3D," Microsoft stated in the blog post. With Windows 8's new hardware acceleration, Metro style apps are rendered smoothly and quickly. New capabilities are now added to DirectX so stunning visuals are enabled. Microsoft is also supporting the widest diversity of graphics hardware ever with Windows 8. Windows 8 is set to support the broadest range of graphics hardware from lightweight tablets all the way up to high-end gaming rigs. Take a look at the video below demonstrating how Windows 8 greatly improves graphics performance and visit the source link for a in-depth look at the new graphics capabilities of Windows 8.

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