Windows 8 app highlight: YouTube Videos Downloader, lets you save videos for offline viewing

In this Windows 8 app highlight post, we will go over a useful app currently available for download in the Windows Store. YouTube Videos Downloader, an app that lets you save YouTube videos for offline viewing, is available for download for Windows 8 as well as Windows RT, for those on the Surface RT tablet.

Windows 8 app highlight: youtube videos downloader, lets you save videos for offline viewing - onmsft. Com - november 11, 2012

"Download YouTube videos with this app and save them right to your Videos folder right away! Its that easy. Keep the videos for offline viewing and such! Share your videos with friends, family, and the world," the app description reads. With this app, Windows 8 or Windows RT users can download any YouTube video format firectly with this app and even share the downloaded video with friends, family members, or to the public. This app already has a few positive reviews in the Windows Store. To download this app, hit Windows Key + Q, and search for YouTube Videos Downloader.

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