Windows 8 app highlight: Sleep Watch, an easy way to tell the time

We’re back in another Windows 8 app highlight, and today we will be checking out an app called Sleep Watch. Sleep watch is a very customizable clock, which can be very useful if you sit your device on the bedside table when going to sleep at night.

When launching the app, it disables the screensaver, allowing you to actually treat the device as if it was an actual bedside clock. It also allows you to customize the app to your hearts extent, with a range of colors which can be applied to either the time or background. It truly is a simple app that does the job. One of the downsides to this app is that is has no alarm feature, meaning it won’t wake you up in the morning. You’ll have to rely on your phone to do that for you.

You can download the app by searching for “Sleep Watch” in the Windows Store (Win Key + Q and select Windows Store) on any Windows 8 or Windows RT device! The author is Pierre Grydbeck.

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