Windows 8 app highlight: ReadMe Later, lets you save content so you can read it later

In this Windows 8 app highlight post, we will go over a useful app currently available for download in the Windows Store. ReadMe Later! is a pretty cool app that's available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT. ReadMe Later allows you to save content so you can read it later.

Windows 8 app highlight: readme later, lets you save content so you can read it later - onmsft. Com - november 5, 2012

"ReadMe Later! gives you a "read later bookmark" for Windows 8. You can send anything! Posts, Articles, Websites," the app description reads. This app utilizes the Share Charm in Windows 8. Basically, the idea is simple. If you find something you like, for example, a cool story, a cool website, etc, you simply load up the Share Charm and share your content to ReadMe Later. When you are ready to read your saved content, just fire open the ReadMe Later app and begin to read your bookmarks. This app also works on Windows RT for those of you who have a Surface RT. Head over to the download link below to grab this app from the Windows Store.

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