Windows 8 app highlight: New File Manager V2, manage files locally and remotely

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In this Windows 8 app highlight post, we will go over a useful app currently available for download in the Windows Store. New File Manager V2, an interactive and intuitive file manager that lets you manage files locally and remotely, is available for download in the Windows Store for both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Windows 8 app highlight: new file manager v2, manage files locally and remotely - onmsft. Com - november 19, 2012

This app is pretty cool as it allows users to have an interactive experience when accessing files on the cloud, including services such as Facebook, Dropbox, and SkyDrive. "New File Manager V2 is a well-integrated, intuitive file manager, linking Facebook, Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc. into a user-friendly interface, allowing you to enjoy the media contents and hassle-free bulk file operations," the app description reads. Another cool feature about this app is that you can play your music and videos, as well as view pictures, which are stored locally or remotely using a built-in media player and photo viewer. This app is free, weighs in at 1.58MB, and is available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT. The publisher's name is "lab2324."

*UPDATE* This app has been renamed to File Brick. The download link below has been updated to reflect this change.

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