Windows 8 app developers now receiving detailed crash files if their app fails certification

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Windows 8 Start Screen

If you are an app developer for the Windows 8 platform, nothing is worse than having your app fail certification and not knowing why. Now, Microsoft is offering a detailed crash report to those who failed certification due to their app hanging or crashing.

“Most commonly, an app fails certification because it crashed or didn’t respond during the certification process. Due to any number of reasons an app might crash, it can be hard to know what happened and how to fix it, especially if you don’t experience the crash locally. Starting on Monday, 1/28, when an app fails certification for either of these reasons, we’ll send a crash file with the certification report. You’ll be able to see exactly what happened during the crash, which should help you identify and fix the issue,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft wants to make sure that app developers know how to proceed if their app fails certification. Begining today, Developers will receive a crash dump (.dmp) file, viewed via Visual Studio 2012 or Windows Debugger, which contains critical information about the app. On top of that, developers will also receive an ErrorInfo (.txt) file that contains details about crashes related to unhandled JavaScript code exceptions. These two files will come along with the certification report. Once the developer fixes the problem, the app can be re-submitted for re-certification and ultimately make it to the Windows Store. This is a great time saver for app developers who just want to figure out the problem and pass certification. You can even visit this link to read up on how to analyze the crash report.

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