Windows 8 app developers frustrated with ads not showing up via Microsoft’s pubCenter

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According to a new report, Windows 8 app developers are facing an issue with advertising via Microsoft’s pubCenter. The issue revolves around ads not displaying in apps for long periods of time. But what could be the issue and when will it be fixed?

“I too have been staying out of this ad discussion, hoping it would simply work itself out over time. Coming from the Windows Phone platform with my games, I am used to seeing swings in eCPM. This complete lack of ads, however, is getting to be a bit much,” one angry developer stated on Microsoft’s developer forums. Frustration with app developers are leading to comments such as this, “It looks like I may have backed the wrong horse.”

Microsoft is being quiet about the issue and only had this to say:

We have seen tremendous response to the launch of the App Network on Windows 8 both from advertisers and developers. As you know advertising is a seasonal business and its normal that there will be peaks and valleys. During the month of April, there were reports of low fill rates from some developers, this was within the expected norm of campaigns ending and new campaigns ramping. Ads continued to be served in the month of April.

That said, we are constantly making improvements for developers using our Advertising Platform and are always looking at ways to ensure that we can smooth out the natural peak & valleys associated with the advertising business. We welcome the feedback and thank our developers for being patient.

This begs the question, if advertising is weak on the Windows 8 app platform, why should app developers create high-quality apps for it? If developers cant monetize their apps, they may change their mind about developing for Windows 8 and even halt development or even jump ship to another platform.

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