Windows 7 slate: PC or Tablet?

As we all know, the iPad is considered a tablet and not a PC. However, many can argue otherwise. But what about the Windows 7 powered slates? It looks like Microsoft is unsure whether to classify their slate's as tablets or PCs.

As Mary Jo Foley reports, Microsoft is "straddling the fence" as they are sending mixed signals as to what their Windows 7 powered slates are.

Microsoft has a banner ad on its website for the ASUS Eee Slate. "Introducing a PC that's not very PC: The ASUS Eee Slate." Is it a Windows 7 slate or is it a PC? It makes you wonder since this device comes with a stand and a keyboard. One can argue that it is one or the other.

Apparently, Microsoft had to clear the water last year about what should be classified as a tablet, a slate, or a PC:

Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides manufacturers of small screen devices (including ARM-based devices) the ability to create rich experiences to consume media. For OEMs looking to build machines that deliver the full PC experience (go beyond consume content to also create and produce content), Windows 7 delivers that.

How can we forget about the upcoming Windows OS for tablets? Will this OS just be a re-branded version of Windows 7 with some tablet features?

Microsoft is apparently marketing its tablet and slate devices around the enterprise arena. This confuses people as the ASUS Eee slate campaign attempts to compete with the iPad yet it costs up to $1,000 and it is classifies itself as a PC.

This brings us back to the original question. Is Microsoft trying to market its slates in the tablet arena or the PC arena?

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