Windows 7 now more popular than Windows XP

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Oct 16th, 2011 inNews

Well, Windows XP is no longer the most popular and widely used operating system anymore. As of now, Windows 7 has overtaken Windows XP and is now the most popular operating system globally since its launch in October 2009.


In the graph above by StatCounter, we see that Windows 7 now consists of 40.36% of all global desktop operating system usage worldwide. Windows XP, now at 38.57% global usage, dropped past Windows 7 during the month of October after two years of running behind Windows XP. Windows Vista, on the other hand, barely made it past the 15% mark and hovers near Mac OSX’s 14% usage worldwide.

In this graph, we see that Windows 7 accounts for 41.29% of usage in North America, with 25.64% usage of Windows XP.

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