Windows 7 edges closer to 50% market share while Windows 10 increases marginally

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The latest market share figures from NetMarketShare are in – and it paints a somewhat interesting picture, despite minimal change.

Windows 7, which has sat comfortably close to 50% market share for some time now, is slowly edging closer to the big 5-0. The somewhat old operating system is now at 49.42% market share, up by 1.01%, showing that not all users are embracing Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, so far. In fact, Windows 10, which saw a market share decrease last month by 0.11%, saw a marginal increase of 0.17% this time around, bringing Windows 10 to 25.36% market share.

Windows XP on the otherhand, which up until the past two months had held on to its market share, has seen its second consecutive decline. It now holds 7.44% of the market.

Looking at Windows 8.1, this now sits at 6.66%.

Taking a look at the overall picture, Microsoft is losing some market share. Windows as a whole has declined to 91.59% market share as a result of Apple’s macOS gaining some traction recently with it hitting 3.22%.

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