Windows 7 made its way onto an Asus ZenFone 2 smartphone

Staff Writer

Image Credit: Asus

As we all know, Windows is a truly versatile Operating System. It can run on all sorts of hardware from Netbooks to high-end PCs. Spotted by PCWorld, a member of the XDA Developer forum has managed to squeeze Windows 7 on to an Asus ZenFone 2.

Now, this isn’t just Windows Phone 7, but it’s big brother; Windows 7 for PCs. You see, unlike most Android phones that use ARM chips, the ZenFone 2 uses an Intel-based Atom processor. As for the reason for doing this, the forum member explains, “ever since I heard of an Intel-based phone, the idea of running Windows at near native speeds has always intrigued me”.

Obviously the workaround presents some challenges in usability and function. First, Direct 3D isn’t supported on the phone. The second issue is touch friendly usability. How could anyone use a Windows desktop on such a small screen? Windows 7 for PCs was not designed to be used on a smartphone screen or to incorporate touch targets throughout the OS. However, users could opt to mirror their ZenFone 2 to a large screen, but that defeats the purpose of this port. Despite the problems, we think it’s a fun experiment.

Check out the video showing what was done below.