Windows 11’s Task Manager set to get a search bar

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The Task Manager is a Windows program that lets you see and manage different programs and applications running on your Windows computer. The tool has evolved over the years, adding features that are designed to enhance its user experience such as the ability to analyze Microsoft Edge processes thus reducing the chances of your device slowing down, custom color support, dark mode, and a new hamburger menu.

And now, there’s new evidence suggesting that Microsoft is working on a new feature that is set to come to the Task Manager app in Windows 11, a search bar. DeskModder discovered the new feature hidden in Windows 11’s latest Dev Channel build, 25231.

Unlike the previous approach where users had to scroll through the long list of installed programs, the search bar will allow them to find process names, PIDs, or even a publisher easily as illustrated below.

Windows 11's Task Manager set to get a search bar - - November 2, 2022

However, the feature has not yet hit general availability which is why most users do not have it. Microsoft is also yet to talk about the feature. We are likely to see this feature rollout in form of an update. In the meantime, check out our expert guide that will help you get started with the Task Manager in Windows 11.

Via: XDA Developers

Image: DeskModder

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