Windows 11 is getting a new Sound Recorder app

Arif Bacchus

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There’s no doubt that Microsoft is on a mission to reimagine the apps included with Windows 11. Many of the core apps included in the OS like Paint, Clock, and Calculator have gotten new looks freeing them of Windows 10 past, but another big redesign is coming soon. Indeed, in a surprise move, the company just announced that the Voice Recorder app is getting a refreshing new coat of paint and a rebrand to “Sound Recorder.”

Now in preview with Windows Insides in the Dev Channel is that new app. The app has a new visualization for audio during recording and playback, which shows how your audio is progressing. Other than that, you’ll see that the new app is heavily inspired by the visuals of Windows 11, with a clean sidebar list and new icons. Microsoft even added support for changing recording devices and formats within the app. This apparently was a top requested feature in the Feedback Hub. Check it out in the video below.

RIght now, Dev Channel Windows Insiders should notice that an app update rebrands and replaces the existing Voice Recorder with Sound Recorder. Microsoft is still collecting feedback on the app for now, so don’t expect it to hit the retail version of Windows 11 for another few months. We do like how it looks though, as things seem very reminiscent of the default voice recorder on iPhones. Let us know what you think in the comments below.