Windows 11 Insider Dev (25295) and Beta (22621.1255 and 22623.1255) Channels get new builds

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Microsoft has released new builds for the Windows 11 Insider Dev and Beta Channels, coming in at 25295 and 22621.1255/22623.1255 respectively.

Notable in the Dev Channel build is a new commercial policy, where commercial customers who have their devices managed by policy (either via Windows Update for Business or WSUS) can “enable features introduced via servicing (outside of the annual feature update) that are off by default for devices.” This allows for these devices to be controlled for “continuous innovation” instead of the once per year update policies that now exist for these devices:

… (A) new client policy to control select features introduced via servicing until they are released as part of the next annual feature update. Features that may be disruptive to organizations will be off by default for all Windows update managed devices until the device enables the policy or takes the next annual feature update.

This gives administrators the ability to control new Windows features without having to wait for a yearly update, while still maintaining control of which features either ship or don’t to their commercial devices. While there are no current features available for control by this new policy in the latest Dev build, there will be in upcoming Beta builds, where the new policy will be made available shortly.

The Beta builds get the beginning of the rollout of tabs in Notepad. There’s a list of fixes for both the Dev Channel 25295 build, and for the Beta Channel builds, be sure to check them out at the Windows Insider blog.

Oh yeah, there was also a servicing pipeline build for the Dev Channel that shipped right as Satya Nadella was hitting the stage for the New Bing announcements. Go figure.


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