Windows 11 in August: October launch date confirmed, minimum spec changes, sneak peeks, and more

Jack Wilkinson

clean installation of Windows 11 build

With Microsoft hard at work on the next iteration of Windows, it can be hard keeping up to date on everything that is happening in the world of Windows 11. That’s why we’re collating the top stories over the past month, so that you can stay abreast of the most important Windows 11 developments, without having to spend hours looking.

Let’s take a look back at some of the main headlines throughout August.

Windows 11 will officially launch on new and existing PCs beginning on October 5

It’s official – Windows 11 is set to launch on October 5. Windows 11 will start rolling out on eligible Windows 10 PCs on that date, and it will also come pre-loaded on select PCs from Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung. It is expected that, by mid-2022, all eligible devices will come with Windows 11 by default; so don’t expect Windows 11 to be available on every single new device immediately.

Microsoft highlights Windows 11 ready laptops following Oct. 5th release announcement

Following the launch date announcement, Microsoft took the time to highlight some of the laptops that will be Windows 11-ready. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft highlighted two of its own devices, Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Pro 7, alongside several from its partner manufacturers, including laptops from Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and Samsung. For gamers, Dell’s Alienware X-Series is the recommended option.

Microsoft Surface Logo
Microsoft Surface Logo

Official Reddit PWA makes its way to the Windows 11 Store

Reddit has become the latest big-name app to join the Windows 11 Microsoft Store, with its own Progressive Web App (PWA).

Windows 11 reddit app

Microsoft updates Windows 11 minimum specs, confirms upgrade will be possible on unsupported PCs

The minimum requirements for Windows 11 have been a contentious issue for many, but Microsoft has gone some way to relaxing the minimum specs slightly by adding Intel 7th-gen processors to the list of supported hardware. At the same time, the company confirmed that unsupported hardware can still have Windows 11 installed on it through the use of ISOs, potentially to the relief of more advanced users.

Microsoft updates windows 11 minimum specs, confirms upgrade will be possible on unsupported pcs - onmsft. Com - august 27, 2021

Recent Windows 11 survey shows people warming up to the change

Windows 11 is bringing about some fairly drastic changes, most notably a change to how the Start Menu looks and feels. But a recent survey suggests that people are beginning to warm to the changes, despite people usually being against change. The survey found that 53 percent surveyed believe Windows 11 “looks amazing. Can’t wait to install it.”

Windows 11 survey

Intel’s Thread Director technology could help boost Windows 11’s overall system performance

Overall system performance could be boosted by a new technology from Intel, called Thread Director, which allows the OS to decide which microarchitecture to use for specific tasks, helping it become speedier and more efficient.

Panos Panay provides a cool sneak peek at a redesigned Windows 11 Paint app

A redesigned Paint app is coming in Windows 11, and Panos Panay took the time to provide a sneak peak into how it will look. Two notable changes are the use of rounded colours, and the use of dark mode from the Windows 11 settings.

Chief Product Officer Panos Panay teases new Windows 11 and Spotify integration

A Spotify integration has been teased for Windows 11. The teaser, from Panos Panay, shows how the Alarm Clock in the Clock app has the ability to set a Spotify playlist to play.

Panos Panay gives a first look at the new Windows 11 Snipping Tool

Paint isn’t the only area of Windows 11 that Panos Panay has been providing a sneak peek at this month. The Snipping Tool also found itself in the limelight. The main difference is that the tool now better aligns with the general design principles of Windows 11.

Revamped Fluent Design is part of the Windows 11 plan, says Microsoft

Microsoft has been pushing Fluent Design throughout Windows 10, but with Windows 11, Microsoft is looking to rethink some of its Fluent Design concepts, in order for it to be better realised across more of its apps.

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