Windows 11 21H2 nearing end of support: Crucial insights from Microsoft

Priya Walia

Windows 11 Oct Event - Hero

Microsoft has again raised a flag about the impending end-of-support for its Windows 11 21H2 Home and Pro Editions.

According to recent notifications on Microsoft’s Windows Release health page, PCs running Windows 11 21H2 will no longer receive security updates after the October 2023 security update.

Imperative of Security Updates

But why are these notices from Microsoft important? To fully appreciate them, one must understand the significance of security updates. These patches are crucial as they address any security vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and fortify PCs against potential threats.

A consistent and timely installation of these security updates ensures that the operating systems on users’ PCs are equipped with the latest defenses against attacks. However, once Windows 11 21H2 stops receiving these updates after October 10, PCs running on this version will be exposed to higher vulnerability to cyber threats.

A Silver Lining

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Microsoft continues to roll out feature updates for Windows 11 21H2, indicating they can upgrade to a newer version, such as the Windows 11 22H2. By upgrading, users can continue receiving security patches even after October.

Those currently using Windows 11 21H2 and have not yet received the upgrade notification for Windows 11 22H2 can expect to see it in the Windows Update section over the next few weeks.

However, Microsoft has clarified that only consumer and non-managed business PCs are eligible for automatic updates via Windows Update.

Future Windows 11 Releases

The specifics regarding the newer Windows 11 version, set to replace 21H2 for users, remain somewhat clouded. Nevertheless, in the software giant’s pipeline is Windows 11 version 23H2 – Microsoft’s next big update.

The anticipated release is expected to arrive in the fall of 2023, with projections for it to be available either this month or in October.

In conclusion, users running Windows 11 21H2 should stay alert for any updates to ensure their PCs continue receiving crucial security patches beyond the stipulated cut-off date.