Windows 10's usage on Steam reaches a new high in the latest Steam Hardware & Software Survey

Following on from yesterday's NetMarketShare report for June 2017, Steam has now released its Hardware & Software Survey for June.

Overall, there isn't that much movement in Steam's report. Everything other than Windows 10 64-Bit reportedly decreased in share, but they're all within margin of error, the same is the case with both Mac OS and Linux.

Steam Hardware & Software Survey June 2017

However, one number does stick out in particular. Windows 10 overall has reached its highest point, but only by a fraction. In April, it held a share at its highest point of 51.20%, but has decreased since then. Now, in June, Windows 10 has reached 51.23% share, a new high.

It is important to remember that Steam's survey is based on users who have opted-in to the survey, and have been active during that month. This means it is by no means a look at the true configurations of Steam's users.

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